Pearl Meadows Artist   Aerial View in Green   "Autumn Splendor"   "Basalt Omagio"    
"Basalt Symphony"   "Blue and Turquoise"   "Caveat"   "Chinle Vision"    
"Crop Circles"   "Dusted Canyon"   "Echoes of Light"   "Echoes of White"    
"Golden Momento"   "Green and Blue"   "Green Light District"   "Green Light Shimmer"    
"Harmony Grows"   "Lava Falls Basalt"   "Leaf Ray"   "Mystics Green Door"    
"Ochre Hoodoos"   "Omnibus"   "Photosynthesis"   "Radiant Beacon"    
"Strength in Green"   "Submersion"   Untitled 01   "Venice"    
"Watermill"   "Winter Light"   "Yellow and Brown"      
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